The 411 on Body Wraps


By now, everyone has heard about body wraps. Dropping unwanted inches, feeling younger, and having firmer skin are just some of the things we might have heard in relation to this procedure. But what exactly are body wraps and how do they work (given that they really do work)?

When you have a body wrap done you are basically tightly wrapped in linen cloths which are soaked in herbs. Different types of wraps are meant to do different things. For instance, a wrap made out of algae, seaweed, mud or clay is meant to detoxify the body. A wrap made out of Shea butter or other rich lotions is meant to soften the skin. Most people undergo the procedure in order to detoxify their body, improve their circulation, relax, and drop a few unwanted inches.

A salt and clay wrap is one of the best choices. This particular wrap exfoliates dead skin and draws out tissue waste. This is known as the detox process. As a matter of fact, it is the detox process which causes the inches to drop from our body. The wrap helps to compact the soft body tissues and sculpt the body's contours. That is why we tend to lose inches after a body wrap, not weight. Usually one treatment, which last about an hour, will give at least 6 inch results. But how permanent are these results? That is a question which you have to ask prior to committing yourself to a body wrap. But what you can expect is a younger looking body, tighter skin, inches lost, and a healthier outlook on life. Weight loss associated with body wraps may be just a lot of hype, but there is nothing wrong with pampering our skin.