5 Methods To Detoxify Your Body And Become Healthier

Today's world is full of ways to get toxins into your body. The trick is to find ways to eliminate those toxins at the same rate or faster than they are introduced. Finding a body cleansing detoxification method that does more help than harm is important.

Lets pick a letter from the alphabet. How about "B". OK for starters Butylparaben, Benzene, Bentonite, BHA, BHT, Bronopol and Benzoic Acid are regularly added to our food water and/or air. They may not be common parts of our conversation but they are commonly in our environment. It is depressing to even think about the other 25 letters of the alphabet and their associated chemicals.

Our bodies do a pretty good job of eliminating toxins by filtering them out in the kidneys and liver then eliminating them through sweat and our excretory system. The problem comes when these natural systems for detoxifying get overwhelmed and cannot keep up, creating toxic overload. The results can cause respiratory, digestive and many other general health problems.

There are several methods of detoxification that can help our natural systems cope including: 1-Changes in the foods we eat 2-Using various Herbal body wraps 3-Taking Special Herbal supplements 4-Regimented Cleansing Plans 5-Using a Sauna on a regular basis

1-Lots of people use a change in their diet to achieve detoxification. Some maintain these changes on a long-term basis but most use shorter more intense changes to try and cleanse their systems. The theory is that so much of the contamination is introduced through the foods we eat that this is a logical target for change. Most of us are familiar with the reputation highly processed foods have for their unhealthy content. Many are not also aware that "fresh foods" like fruits and vegetables often have pesticides, herbicides and even artificial hormones in or on them.

Most of these detox diets are made up of fasting, drinking loads of clear fluids like water and eating mainly vegetables. Your system will get flushed out on a diet like this but they should be used for only limited time periods. Many of the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients for a healthy diet are missing with a detox diet and need to be replaced.

2-Covering yourself with mixtures of salts, clay, water and other ingredients such as oils is a common recipe for a detoxifying body wrap. Problem toxins reside in the cells of the body and the theory behind a body wrap is that the salts will draw these toxins out as it draws out water from the skin.

Participants cover themselves with the detox recipe for a period of time in the hopes that the harmful chemicals are removed. Further in this article I will discuss a more efficient method to achieve the same result but for now it should be pointed out that it is important to replace the lost fluids fairly quickly. Simply drinking plenty of water will do the trick. The fact is that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health anyway.

3-Herbal supplements, normally in the form of pills, can also be used to cleanse your body. Increasing the level of antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals can have an effect on the way your body functions. This change can include the more efficient excretion of toxins. It becomes a fairly tricky business when you alter the basic chemistry of your body so before embarking on a journey of this nature be sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process. Your doctor, not just the Internet, should have a major role in whatever plan of action you choose.

4-There are many spas that offer an established program designed to cleanse your body tissue of toxins. They vary greatly but many are a variation of a daily schedule including enemas, liquid supplements and cleansing drinks. The sequence is repeated throughout the day for a period of a week or more. This certainly takes a commitment and dedication on your part since it is usually "a live" in situation. Many but not all of these spas are reputable so some due diligence on your part is required to find an affordable situation that is right for you.

5-My favorite and arguably the easiest (my kind of plan) is the use of a sauna for detoxification. The main way toxins are eliminated is through the excretory system. Elimination of solids and liquid urine are the paths that come to mind immediately. The truth is, however, that the process of sweating also eliminates surprisingly large quantities of fluids. Excessive sweating, as in a sauna, dramatically increases the rate that toxins are included with the sweat. This happens because many of the toxins are found within the cellular fluid.

The first fluids to be "sweated out" come from the fluid surrounding the cells. With excessive or prolonged sweating the fluids within the cells are flushed out to replace the fluids surrounding the cell and the dissolved toxins go along for the ride. There have been cased when individuals have been exposed to very high levels of a specific contaminant and used a sauna to detox themselves. The toxin was eliminated in such high concentrations that they could actually smell the particular chemical as it was excreted in the sweat.

All of the above mentioned detoxification methods work to varying degrees and bring with them advantages and disadvantages. The most effective method is the one that is actually put into use. This is similar to exercise programs in that most can be effective if used but none can be effective in not followed over a significant period of time. Routine sauna use, unlike the other methods, becomes more enjoyable over time and a treat to look forward to instead of just a necessary evil. Fortunately it has become much more practical and affordable to have a sauna of your own. Home saunas are readily available online and surprisingly easy to set up. Complete units can even be delivered right to your doorstep.