There Has Been a Lot of Negative Press About Detox Diets Lately

Detox Diets and Cleanse Diets receive Bad wrap from the press... But...

Bad press and publicity about Detox Diets is probably justified as detox diets can be doing you more harm than good if they are not conducted correctly, in the right sequence and in the right combination.

But like anything, there is always two sides to the story. The stories on detox diets generally only show that the detox diet was hard, and made them feel sick, but the stories fail to show that the person doing the diet was eating incorrectly before hand, and essentially polluted themselves prior to the 'hard core' detox diet.

We must look at the true meaning of detox diet. It is a controlled diet that detoxifies your body. Once you understand this concept, you will realize that it is not a quick fix solution. Detox dieting is a 'tune up' for your body, and aids in cleaning out your clogged internal pipes, blood vessels and all your tubes and hoses that make up your body. A detox diet when done correctly, in the right sequence and order, with the right combination of foods, will not only clean your system, remove the 'plaque and sludge', but also renew your mind and attitude and boost your vitality.

A 'hard core detox diet' (such as a lemon diet or grape fruit diet, with virtually no other fruit or vegetable intake) should not be performed without preparing the body first.

If you take the time to prepare your body for what is to come, you will naturally accept and adapt to the changes with minimal fuss.

Most people on the other hand simply gorge themselves and abuse their body with over-eating and indulging, over drinking and smoking, then crash course the detox diet which sends their body into shock, and then wonder why it didn't work. Like most things, if you go for the quick fix, you are prone to a quick failure.

Life is meant to be fun, but it is not a game. Your health is not a game. Treat your body right and you will be rewarded by good health. If you are serious about detoxing your body, then prepare for the treatment. Eat correctly with whole foods (mostly fruit and vegetables) for at-least 1 week prior to the 'hard core detox diet', and at-least 1 week after.

The question of what constitutes a hard core diet, and what eating correctly is beyond the scope of this article.

Remember, your body is to be treated with respect if you want to excel and have more vigour, for longer.

Detox Diets and much more information is available, and in the correct manner. Simply visit: Your diet and overall lifestyle is not a game, so be the best you can possibly be.