What is the Role of Laxatives in the Detox Process?

Many people use laxatives on a regular basis to make sure their bowels are moving regularly. They may feel that they do not need to detox their bodies since they have regular bowel movements. While having regular bowel movements is healthy and helpful in removing toxins from the body, it is not all that is needed. Laxatives are beneficial to a detox diet especially when on a detox program because it is absolutely necessary for the bowels to be able to expel the toxins that are being stirred up and removed.

In order to detox the body, all parts of the body need cleansing. Laxatives do not clean the lymph system, the blood, the cells, the kidney, the liver, the lungs, or any other part of the body. They simply stimulate the bowels to move the toxins out. For that reason, a special regime must be undertaken in order to detoxify the body. This regimemay consist of herbal formulas that target specific body systems, using steam baths or body wraps to pull toxins from the body, or fasting for a period of time. When the toxins in the body are stirred up through a diet consisting of fresh vegetables, green drinks, and fresh fruits, or from an herbal approach, then the laxatives are needed to help in the excretion process.

Specific laxatives that help in ridding the body of toxins are: Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium Hulls, Psyllium Seeds, Burdock, and perhaps Bentonite Clay. These herbs act as both stimulating and scrubbing agents in the bowel. Bentonite Clay actually pulls toxins from the bowel to keep it clean and working properly. So, while laxatives can be a very important facet of a detox program, they are not the only component. They simply aid in removing them from the body.

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