Spa Visits 101

Clueless when it comes to spas? Don't mind your P and Q's just yet.It can be especially daunting if it's your first time.

But don't be alarmed, just breathe and relax - we're here to help.

Some general spa dos and don'ts

Do arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Most spas require you to fill out a client form to assist your therapist in catering to all your needs.

Don't neglect to tell your therapist if you're pregnant, suffer from any skin disorder, have serious medical condition or are taking any long-term medication. Certain treatments used could aggravate any of the conditions that you may have.

Do switch off your cellphone before entering a spa. A spa is a sanctuary and emphasizes peace and tranquility.

Don't worry about what to wear! Relax! You'll be provided with a robe and slippers on arrival.

Do use the change room provided to store your belongings. Remember to keep the keys of your locker in the pocket of your robe.

Don't panic at the site of disposable underwear. They're only given to you if you prefer to not lounge in wet underwear after your treatment. Otherwise you're most welcome to keep your underwear on.

Do feel free to make use of any complimentary facilities. Find out if there are any steam rooms, saunas, or pools from any therapist.

Don't force yourself to stay awake. A sleeping client is the ultimate compliment to your therapist.

Do try to clear your mind and leave your worries at the door. This is your 'me time' so concentrate on relaxing.

Still a little nervous? Here is the low down on ten treatments that will make you a spa expert and keep you wanting more.

Treatment: Body wrap

In this detox body treatment, your body will be covered in a body mask made of ingredients such as seaweed, mud, cream or algae (depending on the type of wrap you are having).

The wrap will be left on for about 20 minutes, and will be rinsed off, usually under a Vichy shower, leaving your skin feeling and looking rejuvenated and soft. This treatment also works in improving your blood circulation.

Treatment: Body Polish

This exfoliation treatment uses friction massage to get rid of dull, irregular and dry skin. The massage is then followed by a shower and completed with an application of tailored moisturising lotion.

This treatment does away with impurities, dry and flaky skin while replenishing lost moisture. As a result, your skin will be left smoother, softer, and hydrated.

Treatment: Vichy Shower Treatment

This refreshing shower treatment is either applied on its own, or is used for washing off other treatments applied to your skin.

Vichy showers usually have between five and seven shower heads. Water of different pressures and temperatures cascade over your body erasing away all your tension and offering you immense relaxation.

Treatment: Hot stone massage

A therapeutic body massage that uses smooth heated basalt rocks to warm the body while relaxing the muscles and calming the soul.

The heat releases tension from muscles and the stones' weight provide physical and mental comfort.

Treatment: Salt Glow (also known as a salt scrub or sea salt scrub)

This is a popular treatment for exfoliating your skin. In the process the outer most layer of dead skin cells is removed. Because the salt used is combined with rich oils and other creative ingredients, which varies from spa to spa, your skin will be left hydrated with an instant glow.

The treatment is followed by an application of fragrant lotion that leaves your skin looking and smelling superior.

Treatment: Twin Massage

A divine massage carried out by two professionally trained therapists at once. Whilst one masseur works on your left hand side, the other coordinates the massage on the right hand side.

Treatment: Thai massage

Developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand 2 500 years ago, this type of body massage takes place on a futon mat as a therapist uses stretch techniques to open your body.

It is almost like yoga, only with not as much effort.

Treatment: Calming green coffee cellulite wrap

A calming, anti-oxidant infusing facial designed to help strengthen skin cells and reduce inflammation. Green tea has powerful anti-oxidant properties.

These help the skin fight free radical damage and promote healthier skin with a natural glow. This facial is great for rosacea, environmentally-damaged or over-processed skin.

Treatment: Jewel Caviar and Pearl Anti Ageing Facial

This opulent anti-ageing treatment transforms your skin with pure caviar and pearl extract and a revolutionary blend of botanicals.

It improves the elasticity and texture of the skin while visibly reducing accelerated signs of ageing.

Treatment: Pinotage Body Embalming Rituals

This innovative therapy cares for both the face and body and includes a full body exfoliation prior to being embalmed in a range of therapeutic body masks, gels and oils. It includes a pampering face and scalp massage ensuring pure bliss, and finally ends with a luxurious application of our Pinotage body Velvet.

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