Do Body Wraps Aid in a Detox Program?

Body wraps are very popular in spas. What are they? Are they effective in a detox program? These are questions that should be answered before trying one if you are on a detox diet. Depending on the extent of your detox program and your health, a body wrap may be a good way to aid your body in the detoxification process.

A body wrap consists of wrapping your body in a natural cloth or, in some cases leaves, that have been soaked in a clay, or an herbal concoction. The purpose is to draw toxins from the body. Usually the person receiving the body wrap will be disrobed and may receive a massage with specific oils. Then the wrap of choice is applied. Different wraps achieve different purposes. The wrap is left on and usually is warm to help draw out toxins. The timing of the wrap session is dependent on the type administered. After the specified time, the wrap is removed and the recipient is allowed to shower off the excesses of the concoction that was in the wrap. Caution must be taken when doing a wrap, because some may become weak. It is advisable to get the advice of a health care physician before doing a wrap as the detox process could be too taxing on some individuals with specific health problems.

When detoxing, it is wise to go slowly. If you have been on a detox diet for a while and everything is going well for you, a detox wrap might be a choice you could make to help the flow if the toxins to exit the body. Be sure to consult your health care physician before doing so.

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