Is There a Right Way to Detox Or Do All Detox Treatments Work?

The right way to detox is surely to achieve the results you are after and there are many ways to achieve this.One of the most popular ways is through a detox diet.Other ways include tactile therapies and internal cleansing therapies.

Some of the most rigorous ways to detox by cleansing the digestive system out is through colonic irrigation or entero-lavage as it is also called.This is when the whole colon is cleansed by passing several gallons of water through it with the use of special equipment. It is a little bit like having an enema and costs around $100 for one treatment.

A nice way to start your detox plan is to have a massage or if you prefer a more painful experience then you can have a body brush at your local spa, which after many saunas you're body is scrubbed with a hard bristle brush to remove lots of dead skin cells and toxins.You are then power hosed down and finally wrapped up in warm blankets.I suppose you can say that it is the ultimate in body exfoliation or you can buy a brush and do it yourself.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways the achieve the right way to detox is buy following a sensible detox diet that includes fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, water and herbal drinks. It doesn't matter what treatment you use you will always find that water plays a vital role in body detoxifying.

After every treatment that I do I always give my clients a glass of water and recommend that they continue to sip it constantly throughout the next 24 hours to detoxify by ridding the body of the excess toxins that therapies pump into the circulatory system.

The water I give my clients is always filtered.I never give them plain tap water because the last thing I want to do is overload their bodies with even more toxins than they already have. Tap water isn't as safe and clean as we would like to think and it harbours many parasites, cysts, bacteria and poisonous by products from its disinfecting process.

The only way to ensure that you are getting safe, clean drinking water is to ensure that you filter it yourself either with a point of entry system, this system will protect the whole of the house, or a point of use system, this is a standalone system that is placed on the counter top.

Another point to take note of is that the water filter system you invest in has a series of water filters to ensure that it gives you the optimum protection for you and your family as possible.One filter cannot possibly do it all.

A good system that has the capacity to filter out all waterborne contaminants by nearly 100% will start from around $125 and if it is similar to the one I have then it will also retain the life giving minerals that the body needs to maintain good health always ensuring that you will have the right way to detox.

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