Gain A Wealth Of Benefits With Ionithermie Detox

Ionithermie detox is a detox program, which was developed by French biochemist Olivier Fouche in the year 1979. Ionithermie detox is said to be a very effective method and it also has a large number of health benefits. It improves your skin tone, improves muscle tone, increases firmness, reduces inches quickly, improves circulation to specific areas, removes toxins, re-mineralizes, balances hormones, improves lymphatic drainage and relaxes both the body and the mind. Wow! Although this detox treatment was introduced in the United States only a few years back, but it has become very popular. Despite the long range of benefits, an ionithermie detox treatment takes only about an hour.

First, the area on which the treatment will be done is decided. Then a mixture of purifying algae, ivy and amino acids is applied to that area. These ingredients cooperate to increase the circulation, break down cellulite, and release toxins trapped in the fatty deposits. Around these ionithermie detox ingredients, a layer of fabric is wrapped and then clay infused with algae is applied over it. This is meant to conduct electricity and also a number of electrodes are placed around the area that's to be treated.

A mix of galvanic and faradic electrical stimulation is used for ionithermie detox to show results. To extract toxins from deep within the body, the galvanic stimulation uses positive and negative ions and the faradic stimulation is intended to work as an exercise to promote muscle and skin tone. The trained therapist does the job quite efficiently, overseeing the mild electrical applications, in order to get the best results comfortably. After the treatment is over, the clay is removed and a soothing lotion is applied all over the body.

Some patients are delighted to lose a few inches in the treated area after the first treatment. A good diet and exercise should be followed to get the best results from ionithermie detox, although the results may not last for along time. You may lose one to eight inches temporarily, but the benefits of the detox and muscle tone improvement are permanent. Before starting any diet or exercise regimen, the ionithermie detox treatment should be done to allow for maximum benefits.

There are also various products available which could be used to prolong the effects of the ionithermie detox. This treatment has become very popular everywhere around the world and is available in spas, where it is provided by trained personnel. Although medical science may not be convinced of the effects of this treatment, those who have undergone ionithermie detox completely vouch for it.