Detox Symptoms - How to Cope With Them

Detox symptoms are said to be a sign that your body is cleansing but they are more likely to be a sign that your body is releasing toxins faster than you can get rid of them. A detox diet that is properly prepared for and supported with foods and nutrients that rev up the detox pathways should not result in many detox symptoms at all.

The fear of detox symptoms can put people off or make them quit too soon. But it does not have to be like that if you prepare well and follow a good program. Knowing what to expect and what do if you get some mild cleansing reactions can help you through the process more easily.

It's easy to confuse withdrawal symptoms with detox symptoms. Detox diets exclude coffee and regular tea. If you normally drink a lot then you could get a bad headache if you suddenly stop caffeine. The best plan is to take time to gradually reduce the number of cups you drink to avoid this rather than go cold turkey.

True detox symptoms are numerous and can include:

Fatigue - a lot of energy goes into the detox process so you could feel more tired and listless than usual. Its' best to listen to your body and rest as much as possible so your body can put all its effort into detoxifying those poisons.

Feeling achy or flu like symptoms - once again rest and keep warm. Try some dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymph circulation. Add a couple of cups of Epsom Salts to a hot bath and soak in it for 20 minutes. Wrap yourself in a large cotton towel and lie down for a couple hours. Make sure you are drinking 6 - 8 glasses of pure water a day.

Bowel changes - the combination of changing your diet and the toxins from the liver being dumped through the bile into the digestive system can cause various bowel detox symptoms from loose stools and excessive gas to constipation and even cramps. It is essential to make sure the bowels are moving well before you attempt any detox program. Most detox diets include foods such as linseeds or fiber supplements that help normalize the bowels. A bowl of very well cooked, watery brown rice can help mop up toxins in the bowel and stop diarrhea.

Skin eruptions, itches or rashes - the skin is one way the body gets rid of toxins. Avoid blocking the pores with lotions or creams. Try skin brushing with a natural bristle brush or have a sauna or steam bath to increase skin detox. Use a natural organic soap and a shower filter.

Cravings and hunger - many detox diets exclude foods that people are commonly sensitive to or eat a lot of and it is common to start craving them. Drinking a green smoothie, fresh vegetable juice or eating a piece of fruit can help here. Once your body is fed good nutrition it will not crave anything. You can also go for a walk or do something to distract yourself like reading a book or calling a friend.

Emotional upset or depression - it can be a surprise if you are not prepared for it that a detox symptom could be feeling weepy or depressed. Its not unusual to release old memories and feelings. Just let them out. If you get very upset try relax and to do some deep breathing until it passes.

Remember that if you properly prepare for a detox diet and follow a plan that includes foods and supplements that are known to support liver detox you are unlikely to get any detox symptoms. If you do they will be mild and disappear in a day or two. You should soon feel brighter and more energized and you will think that it was all worthwhile.

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(c) 2009. Sandy Halliday,a former nurse, is a nutritionist, health researcher and eBook author with over 20 years experience of many different types of detox programs. She is passionate about detox for the prevention of disease and aging and for the improvement of many health problems.