The Top Ways To Get A Body Cleansing Detoxification

In today's world it is almost impossible to avoid accumulating toxins in your body. The hard part is to find a way to get rid of those toxins faster than they accumulate. Some methods are easy, some require commitment and some can be dangerous. Finding the right body cleansing detoxification method for you that does more help than harm is important.

We are bombarded with chemicals in the liquids we drink, foods we eat and even the air we breathe. Butylparaben , Benzene, Benzoic Acid, Bentonite, BHT, BHA, and Bronopol may not be common terms in our vocabulary but they are relatively common toxic substances found in foods, cosmetics and cleansers. Even worse, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.

Our bodies do a valiant job of eliminating toxins. They filter toxins in the kidneys and liver then eliminate them through sweat and the rest of our excretory system. When that natural detox system gets overwhelmed it results in toxic overload. The results can lead to respiratory, digestive and other general health problems.

Luckily there are ways you can help your body cleanse itself of poisons, including:

Herbal supplements
Herbal body wraps
Cleansing plans
Changes in diet

Herbal supplements, normally in the form of pills, can be used to cleanse your body. By increasing the level of antioxidants, certain vitamins and minerals we can have an effect on the way your body functions. This change can include the more efficient excretion of toxins. It becomes a fairly tricky business when you alter the basic chemistry of your body so before embarking on a journey of this nature be sure to have a complete understanding of the entire process. Your doctor, not just the Internet, should help guide you to whatever plan of action you choose.

Herbal body wraps usually consist of covering your body with some mixture that includes clay, salts, water and/or a few other ingredients like oils. The idea is that the salt draws water from the skin bringing the toxins out with it. This generally involves lying in a room covered with this mixture for up to an hour or more. It is important to drink plenty of fluids afterwards to replace the water that has been flushed from your body.

Some people go to a spa or seek out an established program when they want to use a tissue cleansing plan. Many plans consist of regimented daily schedules of enemas, cleansing drinks and liquid supplements. This series is repeated throughout the day. Lasting a week or more, this method obviously takes commitment, dedication and a carefully calculated program. You need to be sure the program comes from a reputable source and is administered with sufficient guidance.

Often people will change their diets either temporarily or for extended periods of time in an attempt to cleanse their systems. Many of the toxins we accumulate come from the food we eat. Processed foods are famous for their toxic content but even natural foods like fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, herbicides and artificial hormones among other things.

Fasting, eating organic whole foods, mainly vegetables, and drinking lots of fluids especially water, is a common basis for detox diets. Periodic use of this cleansing method does "clean you out" but should be used cautiously over extended periods of time. There are many essential nutrients required in a healthy diet. Some of them may be neglected if this type of restricted diet is overdone.

My favorite and arguably the easiest (my kind of plan) is the use of a sauna for detoxification. The natural way toxins are eliminated from our bodies is through the excretory system. sweating is an under apprecited part of the excretory system. The truth is that the process of sweating eliminates surprisingly large quantities of fluids. Excessive sweating, as in a sauna, dramatically increases the concentration of toxins in sweat.

This happens because many of the toxins are found within the cellular fluid.The first fluids to be "sweated out" come from the fluid surrounding the cells. With excessive or prolonged sweating the fluids within the cells are flushed out to replace the fluids that surround the cell and the dissolved toxins go along for the ride. There have been cased when individuals have been exposed to very high levels of a specific contaminant and used a sauna to detoxify themselves. The toxin was eliminated in such high concentrations that they could actually smell the particular chemical leaving.

All of these body cleansing detoxification methods have their own advantages and disadvantages and can be effective. Which one is best? Well as they say "the one that you will actually use" is the one that works best. Today's home sauna market offers such surprisingly low cost, convenience and ease of operation that it is no wonder they are becoming the method of choice for so many families.

Detoxing in a sauna is much less harsh and more enjoyable than any of the others methods. In fact I would go so far as to say that a sauna is the only body cleansing mentioned that anyone would do even if it did not have the detoxification benefits.