What Can Body Wraps Do For Dry Skin?

If you've never had a body wrap, you're in for a treat. On top of reducing cellulite and body mass they cleanse and detoxify, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and alive. One of the great side benefits is getting rid of dead skin cells and chemicals that dry the skin, so afterwards your skin is moist and has a healthy glow. Applying a shielding lotion before you go back out into the environment will protect you against the harsh irritating chemicals that cause dry skin and you'll have less to contend with on your next wrap.

There are several kinds of body wraps and some will be just right for you. Most start with an application of a nourishing, detoxifying and calming solution or paste - mud, algae, seaweed, herbs, aloe vera, or even foods like honey, cucumber and chocolate. Each one serves a different purpose and has a different result. Some are for cellulite or body mass reduction, some are for relaxation, and some are strictly to remove impurities. Whatever the substance used, you can pretty much count on not having dry skin afterwards.

You are then wrapped in gauze bandages like a mummy and put under thermal blankets. Your pores open from the heat, and your body is cleansed, detoxed and relaxed as you sweat out the impurities.

Some wraps don't involve any pre-applications - they just go straight to the mummification stage. You are swathed in pre-soaked bandages which the attendant keeps wet by frequently pouring the solution over your body while you're wrapped up. Other wraps are combined with exercise. A lot of exercises are pretty much impossible with the bandage constraints, but special exercises have been developed for this purpose and the spa has a video of these with which you follow along as best you can. Mirrors are provided so you can see how well you're keeping up with the video instructor and if don't lose weight from the wrap, I can guarantee you'll burn at least 500 calories from laughing.

Regardless of the wrap you choose, every one of them will leave you feeling great -and none of them will leave you with dry skin.

After 20 to 50 minutes of things soaking in (and out) the wrap comes off and you hit the shower. The attendant will then sometimes finish things off with another lotion.

The best lotion to use is a shielding lotion. It bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective barrier that prevents contact with harsh chemicals that dry the skin, and locks in the skins natural moisture. Also, unlike other lotions the attendant is likely to use, it will not clog the pores that you just worked so hard to clean out, and it allows the skin to breath.

If you're due for a massage or an hour at the spa, try a wrap instead. Your body will feel brand new, and, along with the shielding lotion, it will be a great jump start on your dry skin treatment.