How Body Wraps - You Can Feel Leaner and Healthier

If you have been wondering how body wraps work and how to choose the best body wrap for yourself, you have come to the right place. Before we discuss the why of Body Wraps, let's talk a little bit about where they are found and how to find the best one for you.

There are three primary ways of getting a body wrap:

At a salon or spa

Purchase a ready-made kit or formula

Make your own at home.

If you have never had a Body Wrap at a spa which caters to and pampers clients, you have missed out on a real treat. There are a wide range of spas, ranging from a beauty parlor which includes Body Wraps in the menu to very exclusive spas located in expensive resorts. The very best spas will offer a custom formula or a series of formulas based on your skin and body conditions. These will include mud wraps or baths, herbal wraps, seaweed wraps, mineral wraps and baths and moisturizing wraps or a combination of these qualities. These treatments truly define "pampering yourself".

There are numerous kits or formulas available in a kind of one-size-fits all offering. I am not demeaning them as I have used them and offer them to my clients and newsletter subscribers. Some of them are quite good and I will use a couple of them if I am in a hurry or just don't feel like making my own. Feel free to contact me for my current favorites.

Other than receiving an expensive treatment at an upper-end spa, I much prefer the wraps I am able to make myself to the pre-made formulas. I have done a lot of research on wraps and have written an e-book about them, so I feel somewhat qualified to comment on home recipes and formulas. There are a couple of benefits associated with making your own formulas, very low cost being just one of them. A big plus is being able to do it at home and not spend the whole day getting a wrap. At home I can have all the privacy and "alone time" I desire or I can invite a friend or two and make it a fun party time. The biggest benefit to be derived from making your own wraps is in being able to develop recipes that are just for you. These can make you feel absolutely wonderful in a way no off-the-shelf product can.

There are Body Wrap formulas for releasing toxins, slimming wraps (inch loss) skin beautification and treatment as well as for relieving aches and pains. Many of the ingredients for these different wraps will overlap so a slimming wrap will also help remove toxins and help rejuvenate the skin. Almost all of the wraps will help relieve aches and pains although some work better than others depending on the ingredients.

Two primary purposes are being fulfilled by the wrap in most instances. First, the herbs, minerals, oils and clays open the pores stimulate the skin so that it releases toxins. This will dehydrate you somewhat so plenty of good clean water should be consumed during a wrap to keep the cleansing going. Be sure you drink plenty of water for 3 or 4 days following a detox wrap to continue flushing out the toxins released by the wrap. You will feel cleansed and rejuvenated in a way nothing can match.

With your pores open and ready to receive nutrients, the wrap supplies oils, minerals and nutrients to the skin to revitalize it and cleanse it. If you take just a little time to formulate the best wrap for your skin and body you will notice skin tone and tightening like you have probably never had. I love it.

Take an hour or so and pamper yourself with a body wrap.

Lisa Summers shows readers how to create and apply their own Herbal Body Wraps in the privacy of their own home with easy-to-follow recipes in her ebook on Body Wraps.