What In The World Is Detox Ionithermie?

Detox treatments are all the rage these days. We're not talking about your basic drug and alcohol detox programs here, but body detox methods that are geared to clean out everything from your intestines to helping you lose weight and ridding your body of all the evil toxins you've been storing there for years. One kind of detoxification method that's not too common in the United States, yet, is called detox Ionithermie. A Frenchman named Olivier Fouche, a biochemist, developed the method in the late 1970s. His detox Ionithermie was considered all the rage in Europe at that time, and began to be used as a substitute to liposuction. The main goal of detox Ionithermie is to remove cellulite from the body. Still very popular in Europe, clients have continued to claim the benefits of detox Ionithermie system, stating that it takes off inches, increases firmness to skin and improves skin and muscle tone throughout the body. Fans of detox Ionithermie also claim that it can and does improve circulation to certain areas of the body when blood flow is limited, and therefore also offers hydrating benefits as well. Others take a detox Ionithermie treatment to rid the body of toxins and to rejuvenate minerals and balance hormones within the body.

While detox Ionithermie is not nearly so popular within the United States, some spas do offer the treatment, and if you're curious, why not give detox Ionithermie a try? The treatment can take about an hour and cost anywhere from about $60 to $90 depending on location. A massage therapist generally measures a client in about a half dozen places, after which you are then asked to lie down in a terry wrap on a common massage table. The areas to the body that are going to be worked on are brushed with a skin brush. Be advised that a detox Ionithermie treatment is not your typical massage! A detox Ionithermie treatment is more like a vigorous workout. A mixture of various ingredients that are unique to every masseuse is then applied to the skin areas to be worked on. The ingredients are meant to improve circulation and break down fatty deposits, thereby releasing the unwanted toxins from the body.

Electrodes are then placed at targeted areas, such as abs, stomach, arms, hips, and thighs. Then, a layer of fabric is wrapped around the body and electrically conductive clay is then slathered over the body surface. The electrode pads are then placed on a strategic point. What results in a detox Ionithermie treatment are involuntary muscle contractions designed to improve tone and to release toxins from deep within muscle tissues. The skin will warm as the clay mixture begins to harden. The therapist controls the strength of the electrical impulses, but be advised that this sensation can be quite unpleasant to some people. The end result is like having just been through a vigorous workout with the workout. The muscles may tingle and twitch for a while after a detox Ionithermie treatment, but it's not painful, and a detox Ionithermie treatment can be quite an experience for someone who's never had one.